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Unexpected Event Calls For Lakewood Towing Services

Every year, A-Word Template Limo Services performs a charity run between Cheyenne Wyoming and Santa Fe New Mexico. We use several of the limousines in our fleet and transport notables like our mayor and commissioners to Santa Fe and raise awareness for good causes.

This year was dedicated to teen pregnancy awareness. Our route is in general a straight shot down Interstate 25 through Denver. Three of our A-Word Template limousines were traveling Southbound and had just passed Lodo when all three encountered a strange kind of road debris.

To this day, we are unsure of what it was. What we do know is that it blew the tires out on two of our three vehicles. Our caravan was in distress right in the Lakewood area of Denver.

This was when our lead driver knew he had to Google Lakewood towing services and get some help.

What happens when you Google Lakewood towing services?

 The company that comes up at the top of the first page is Lakewood Towing Company. And we now thoroughly understand exactly why that is!

With three limos chock full of dignitaries and a schedule to keep, we were in a real fix! One vehicle had a single tire blown out. The second had three tires blown out! Our third car was OK.

This was a logistical nightmare! It was time to make some fast changes in plans. While our original itinerary called for a stop in Castle Rock for lunch, that would have to change.

Lakewood Towing Company showed up in record time with two tow trucks. Coordinating with our dispatcher in Cheyenne, we identified a new restaurant in Lakewood to ferry our passengers to.

Our surviving limo emptied it’s initial load of dignitaries there and came back to pick up the remainder so we were able to get everyone seated for lunch.

All the while, Lakewood Towing Company took our two distressed vehicles to a local tire shop for emergency repair.

Limousine tires are special. They have to bear far more weight than a regular car. It was fortunate for us that Lakewood Towing Company knew just the right shop to bring our distressed cars to . . . a shop which serviced busses and other forms of light transportation and just happened to have the proper tires in stock!

They understood the predicament we were in and put forth a great effort to accommodate us.

All’s well that ends well

 I’m happy to report that by the time lunch in Lakewood concluded, Lakewood Towing Company had made it possible for all of our limos to be back “online” and ready to continue our charity run to Santa Fe.

Thanks to Lakewood Towing Company, our community leaders experienced no more than what might be considered a “bump in the road” during their excursion.

Our schedule was essentially unaffected and we owe it all to the prompt and professional services we received from Lakewood Towing Company!

About A-Word Template Limo

A-Word Template Limousine Services was founded by a retired English teacher from Cheyenne, Wyoming who always loved big cars and the joy of riding in them. Using his pension, he bankrolled his first stretch limo and given his penchant for proper mannerisms, he ran the company like a fine watch and it became amazingly successful. Now, the A-Word Template Limousine Service boasts a fleet of ten cars and is available for all your airport pick-ups, bridal parties and corporate events. You can count on A-Word Template Limo to fulfill all your executive needs!