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Regular readers of this blog know that A-Word has been expanding our scope of operation and right now, there are pins stuck in our virtual corkboard in a multitude of major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

One of our best clients is in Chicago and sometimes makes cross-country trips. He has the money to fly in an executive plane if he wanted to, but he prefers to ride in a luxury limousine.

That way, he has a large, luxurious compartment to ride in and because of the way he does business, he can stop anywhere he likes along the route to visit with his many clients along his path of travel.

Such was the case when he booked us for a trip from Chicago to Tampa and back. He wanted to take a somewhat wandering route that led us through Fort Wayne, south to Louisville, from there to Knoxville and then south through Atlanta, then down to Tampa, stopping and visiting with clients and prospective clients all along the way.

When we hit the Atlanta beltway, we developed trouble. The vehicle started to overheat. That’s when our dispatch center contacted www.24hourtowingatlanta.com for help.


We maintain a hot sheet at the dispatch center of all the go-to places our drivers might need at any given moment as they go about their travel routes. It contains the greatest service providers that we have discovered over the course of our years of operation.

For issues around the Atlanta area, we knew from experience that www.24hourtowingatlanta.com had the proper trucks to handle stretched limos like ours.

We also knew from experience not to drive any vehicle too long after a trouble light comes on without having it properly inspected. Today’s high tech engines have a limited thermal operational range and if the engine overheats beyond that, the high-tech, aluminum motor can become warped and useless.

Fortunately for us, our client’s contact was located proximal to the beltway right in the neighborhood where the trouble started.

We were able to drop him off for his meeting and get www.24hourtowingatlanta.com to meet us there and whisk away the limo to the nearest service station.


When we got to the service center, they immediately opened the hood and discovered that a hose had worked it’s way loose from the radiator core. It was a simple re-attachment procedure.

We were back on the road in no time and even had to wait because the client wasn’t through with his meeting yet!

We really owe it all to the quick-acting professionals at www.24hourtowingatlanta.com for rescuing us swiftly and bringing us to the best possible place to resolve our problem quickly.

We owe them a big debt of gratitude!